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Technical design for mechanical plant engineering

Our engineering office is at your service to support you throughout your project’s lifespan, providing a tailored consultancy, design, and supply of the required products.

Our technical catalogues, tools and consultancies will help you choose the best solutions for your projects. Stay up-to-date with our technical guides or share the details of your project with our engineering department by filling the form below. We are ready to support you during the design of your plant.


Calculation of thermal expansion

Pipe material

Max Temperature [°C]

Min Temperature [°C]

Pipe length [m]

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Technical documentation and specification clauses

Design services

Specification clauses for fire protection systems

Specification clauses for modular support systems for plants

Specification clauses for pipe fixing systems

Solar installation requirements module

Case study - Viaduct Fixing

Case study - Aqueduct Fixing

Case study - Cooling system

Services for the design of systems and support

Working with fastening, fire protection and seismic systems is becoming increasingly complex due to the adoption of new technologies and to the continuous changes to building construction regulations. We can offer our customers, designers, technical firms and installers various specific services to help them implement their projects.

Design services

Discover our design and installation support services

Calculation of seismic structures

We design and build seismic structures for new or existing systems.

Starting from the system development layout, we study and design all the seismic brackets necessary to make the system structure integral with the building, as required by the current technical construction standards.

Using dedicated software and a simple questionnaire in which we specify the information required for the various seismic zones, we are able to define the points at which to create the brackets and supply all the materials. By creating a practical cable system, we have considerably simplified and simplified the installer's work.

Static structure calculation

Thtough specific dedicated software, we are able to study, simulate, calculate and size the structure to be created, using a wide variety of load situations.We are also able to issue certificates on the static calculations we have performed, which can be added to the normally required technical documentation.

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Bureau veritas
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Certifications and specifications

Our products have the main certifications required by the market. The certifications can be downloaded directly from the site on the dedicated product page. In the event that you work on projects with bodies that require special certifications, specifications, technical reports, tests on standards or other, we can collaborate with your professionals who follow up on such requests in order to speed up the process. If you are not already supported by a professional, we can suggest engineers and qualified technicians who can carry out the documentation you require, all over Italy;

Layout design of the structures

We can schematize whatever structure you need and provide to you the sketches and architectural drawings of it. By simulating the structure, you can optimize it, reducing immediately the mounting and implementation times. Additionally, our experience is fully focused on customer’s service to get the best results at reasonable times and costs.


We can manufacture customized products according to Your specifications. Materials, finishing, colors, etc. may be agreed together.

Customized products

We can manufacture customized products according to Your specifications. Materials, finishing, colors, etc. may be agreed together.

Inspections at construction sites

Our engineering office can carry our checks directly on the working site or can communicate directly with your own technical office, offering support in the design phase and choice of the best products.



Would you like to get a professional consultancy for the planning of your plant? Call us here +39 0172 829703 or send us an email at Our engineering team is ready to help.

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